Game Design

All games appearing on this page are group projects. Game art, UI Design, Character Development and Animation were created by Nick Loucas. © All Rights Reserved.

Models, Characters, Levels and UI Icons were created with 3DS MAX, Photoshop and/or were hand drawn. All games were developed with Unity3D.


“Paintball Hero” was a Third-person shooter PC game created by Nick Loucas and team member programmers Maria Drakou and Domna Michael for a game design class. The game was about a robo-character called “Robby” trying to beat his enemies with paintball guns in order to save his capture friends.

Character Concepts

Level Design and Cut Scenes

Click here for Paintball Hero – Game Trailer

Microsoft Imagine Cup – Games Competition – 2015 National Winner

“Intangible” is a 2D Puzzle/Platformer game created by Nick Loucas and team member programmers Panagiotis Hadjichristodoulou, Christos Vasiliou and Valentina Chrystostomou for the MS Imagine Cup competition in 2015. The game is about a robot exploring alien worlds trying to solve puzzles and find its way out to the next level. A unique game mechanic was implemented in this game were the character was able to traverse in 3 layers in the Z-Axis in order to find clues and solve the respective puzzles.

Character Concepts

Level Design

Game Screen Captures

Intangible – Game Trailer
To download & play an early version of the game click here


“Stick Vault Hero” is 2D casual Android game created by Nick Loucas and programmer Constantinos Deliyiannis. The game is about a character trying to pass levels by jumping through wall gaps with the method of pole vaulting. 8bit music by various local composers, 8bit colors and pixel art, 99 unique level designs, achievements, garment shop and media sharing are a few of the game’s features.

You can download it at Google Play.

Google Play Icon

Cut Scenes and Concepts

 Game Play

Additional Screens

Stick Vault Hero – Game Teaser
Stick Vault Hero – Game Trailer